Mission & Vision Statement


  • All children have worth and dignity.
  • All children can be fully motivated by engaging in creative arts experiences daily.
  • A creative arts atmosphere provides a safe, nurturing, and positive environment.
  • All children posses creative ability and benefit from an arts centered approach to teaching the Standards.
  • An arts centered curriculum promotes multi-cultural awareness, individuality, confidence, and develops life-long learners.
  • An arts centered school establishes positive community relationships and involvement.

                                                      Mission Statement
The mission of the North Charleston Creative Arts Elementary is to engage students in a multi-cultural, arts centered curriculum which provides a safe, nurturing environment which develops confident, life-long learners.


                                                       Vision Statement
By 2016, North Charleston Creative Arts Elementary, in conjunction with families and other community members, will demonstrate a fully arts centered curriculum, in a new school facility, with a qualified full time arts faculty (music, art, drama, and dance) to teach the South Carolina Visual and Performing Arts Standards, as well as, the SC Academic Standards.  All students will have the opportunity to participate and excel in at least one arts area.  All teachers will provide at least one arts experience in each lesson.