Resources & Materials
For a list of Private instructors click here

Local Music Shops in the area include:
Music and Arts
Fox Music
Musical Innovations
Instrument Doc LLC
Gawlik Violins
Ronald Sachs Violins
Huthmakers Violins

Which Class code are you?

K- Kindergarten
1B- 1st grade beginner
1I- 1st grade intermediate
2O- ‚Äč2nd grade Orchestra
3-5B- 3rd-5th grade beginning violin
3-5A- 3rd-5th grade advanced violin
3-5C- 3rd-5th grade cello
3-5V- 3rd-5th grade viola
Bass- 3rd-5th grade bass
Club- 4th-5th grade club

100 time challenge completed for both Ode to Joy and Tetrachords, play both in front of Mr. Price and your group class. 

If you are starting to read music. Check out the exercises on

Tetrachords for violin/viola, cello, and bass can be found by clicking on the respective instrument.

What are we doing in class?

Week 1- Parts of the Instrument Worksheet
Week 2- Learning how to open our instrument cases
Week 3- Guitar Position, Strumming, and String Names
Week 4- "Ant Song" 
Week 5- Statue of Liberty
Week 6- The bow hold song(1I, 2A, 3-5) White Belt (K-2B)
Week 7- No class (except monday 10/3/16)
Week 8- Finger tapes, finger pushups, and left hand fingers on D
Week 9- 1st Finger E, 2nd Finger F#, 3rd finger G (on D string):                     K,1B,1I,2B,2A
Week 9- MoS pages 6-7: 3-5B, 3-5A, 3-5C, 3-5V, Bass, Club
Week 10-15- Holiday Music. Practice-a-thon
Week 16- Review of Procedures, Review of Music
Week 17- Introduce music notation and Tetrachord Challenges
Week 18- Pink Belts and Can Can
Week 19- Pink belt practice, Can-Can (Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass)                      and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (Violin, Viola, Cello,             Bass)
Week 20- Continuation of Previous week. Check out this cool                          resource to help out with notes!
Week 21- Continuation of Can-Can and Twinkle Twinkle
Week 22- K, 1B, 1I, 3-5 C, 3-5V- Continuation of Twinkle                                   Twinkle. Star Wars for those who can play it.
                     2O- pages 4-5 in MOS.
                     3-5B, MOS pgs 4-8.
                     3-5A- Pomp and circumstance, Burleske,                                     American Suite Measures 1-9
Week 23- K, 1B, 1I, 3-5C, 3-5V- Continuation of Twinkle                                     Twinkle, Can-Can, and Star Wars
                     2O- MOS pgs 6-7
                     3-5B- MOS pgs 8-11
                     3-5A- Continuation of previous week.
Week 24-30- Concert Music. Variations of Twinkle Twinkle are listed in their respective instruments (violin, viola, cello, bass)