Teaching Philosophy

Teaching philosophy

“Open your eyes and really look at ART! Take it all in, make connections…and love it!”  I want my students to really observe the world around them, through the practice of close observation, active exploration and peer critiques. I want them to master 21st century skills to help them not only through their educational career but to navigate smoothly in the world at large. However, the most instrumental activity in every classroom is the creation of art. I actively encourage them to experiment with creative ideas, techniques, materials and tools.

           I am a true advocate of backwards design, interdisciplinary teaching and arts integration…

I create my units with one enduring idea, what big idea do I want them to get out of the unit. Then, directed by the standards I create lessons that explore the enduring idea in a variety of approaches. For each lesson, an authentic final project is created. After unpacking the objectives, a visual and written rubric is used to guide the students through the lesson. They are encouraged to be active participants in their learning by conducting their own discussions, conferences, self and peer reviews and keep track of it in their portfolios.

All my lessons are always grounded in art history; the students explore new concepts, artists and/or culture through presentations, group explorations, brainstorming, and computer research. Next, they build their creative and technical problem solving skills, accomplished through the learning and incorporating of the elements of art and principals of design.

I constantly inspire my students to make connections with other subject matter, making their art more genuine and relevant. I also encourage classroom teachers to use the arts to bring their subject matter alive.  I myself use music, science, drama, language arts, poetry, dance, math, geography and theater, anything really that will get my students not only interested, but involved, engaged and wanting more!  Above all, anything that instills in them the love of art…


“In our life there is a single color, as an artist’s palette, which provides the meaning of life and art. The color is love”                                                                                            -Marc Chagall-

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